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2/3 Of a Triple Threat

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I'm Madeleine.

I kind of sound like a mess on paper, but that's not what this blog is about.

Busy summer!

I am so exited that I am able to spend this summer doing what I love and preparing for my future. I will be in a production of Hair, which runs for 5 weeks, and I’m taking ballet and jazz at my dance studio along with dance privates once a week. I’m also doing voice lessons with my amazing teacher who I adore, and working with a new acting coach.
I’m also (finally) learning to drive!
And… working to fund all of this!

— 1 year ago
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I need some acting advice.

I come up with good ideas for choices and motivations, but I’m too insecure to just experiment and play because I just want to be “right”. I really have trouble making hold choices at first because I don’t want it to not work. Right now I’m in a show that I helped to write, so in creating a lot of characters, and I’m really struggling with my insecurity. Our director just wants us to play and see what works, but I feel like I’m too dependent on direction.

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So I’ve been looking at colleges for a while now. I plan on pursuing a BFA in musical theatre.
What schools do you guys go to? Where should I look and why?

— 1 year ago
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This is my I’m sick on a 2 show day face and my boyfriend is away face.

This is my I’m sick on a 2 show day face and my boyfriend is away face.

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West Side Story was super amazing last night!
I had a lot of worries about this show: it’s a school show so a lot of roles were cast on seniority when I think there are underclassmen who fit the parts better, and our program has very few boys and dancers. Our Tony had never done a musical before!
But, it was amazing. I have never been so proud of a cast, a lot of people did a lot of things they had never done before. One thing I love is that we let the disabled kids participate on our musicals. It is so amazing when I see how exited they are and how much joy performing brings them.
I’m still sick, but I have never been so exited to do it again.

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Right now, me, Schrank, Anita, Bernardo and Anybodies are sick.
I know we can do it but I’m worried about the dreaded cast wide epidemic….

— 1 year ago
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